Ice skating: Tips for staying fit in winter

Ice skating is a wonderful endurance sport that enhances cardiovascular fitness and at the same time helps to build powerful muscles and develop coordination. The great thing about it is that almost everyone can venture onto the ice and with a little practice and guidance can soon even do a few laps.

Jogging during the winter – is it healthy?

What about this time of the year? Is jogging during the winter good for your health or should you exercise indoors instead? If you like being outside in winter and feel fit and healthy, we have some running and training tips for you.

Fight back pain with Pilates

A favorite exercise among fitness-enthusiasts and celebrities, Pilates is the ultimate workout for toning muscles and achieving a long, lean physique—but there’s more to Pilates. Researchers have shown Pilates may also be the ideal exercise for easing chronic lower back pain.

Swim for life – Water workouts beat running and walking

Getting to the finish line first is usually a good thing — but not when it comes to your life span! If you want to stretch out your years as long as possible, you may want to hit the pool this summer. Amazing research shows swimmers beat both runners and walkers in lowest rates of mortality.

Walk your stress away

Picture yourself on a white sandy beach, in a field of colorful flowers, or atop a lush green mountain. Chances are you’re feeling more relaxed already. Nature has a way of evoking calmness and easing stress, and research has suggested taking walks in a natural environment may be beneficial to overall well-being.

Pump up to slim down with weight training

When it comes to staying slim, cardio exercise tends to get most of the attention. The good news is that you may not need to log endless hours running to keep your waistline from expanding. In fact, research from Harvard University suggests weight lifting could be the most effective way to keep trim around the middle – but don’t discount cardio’s benefits.