Healthy finger food for your New Year’s Eve party

Gesundes Fingerfood

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. If you plan a party, we have something for you! Try our homemade “My Energy” party food and celebrate the New Year in a vital and delicious way. These healthy snacks are a fresh alternative to common party recipes.

Pineapple chicken lettuce wraps (app. 16 pieces)

For those wraps we fill lettuce leaves with a fruity chicken and pineapple mix. Marinate 500 g chicken breast with olive oil, garlic, hot mustard and lemon juice and roast in a pan together with a diced pineapple until tender. Let cool down and mix with two diced celery stalks and two chopped spring onions. Fill 1-2 lettuce leaves with the chicken pineapple mix. Roll up and fix the wrap with a toothpick.

Eggplant mini pizza (app. 10 pieces)

This pizza comes along without the dough! We top eggplant slices instead. Cut one big eggplant into 1,5 cm slices, season with salt and set aside to rest for 20 minutes. Rinse with water and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 °C. Cover with tomato puree, sprinkle with olive oil and top with diced mozzarella cheese. If you like, add mushrooms, corn or tuna. Put the mini pizzas back in the oven, bake for further 10 minutes and garnish with fresh herbs.

Cucumber rolls with feta and olives (app. 15 pieces)

Cut two cucumbers lengthwise in 3 mm slices with a sharp knife or a vegetable slicer. Mix 180g feta with 3 tablespoons of yoghurt and 10 chopped olives. Season with salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Place 1-2 teaspoons of the cheese mixture on one end of each cucumber slice and carefully roll up. Fix with a toothpick or tie with a chive. Sprinkle the rolls with 1 tablespoon sweet pepper and arrange on a serving plate.

Have a happy and healthy new year!

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