Healthy eating made easy

Gesunde Ernährung leicht gemacht

You know what it’s like – sometimes you find plenty of good reasons to neglect a healthy diet. It can be hard to find the time, the creativity or quite simply the motivation. But these arguments can be easily refuted. With a few simple tricks, fruit and vegetables can be easily transformed into a daily pleasure.

Bid adieu to excuses

Being honest with ourselves is the first step to changing our behaviour. Hand on heart – do any of these supposed arguments sound familiar?

Everything is a rush in the mornings – there’s simply no time for breakfast!

Picture: Ideal breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals as it gives us energy for the day. It also makes us feel full for longer and thus avoids sudden cravings. So don’t skip this morning pleasure. Fresh fruit and vegetables, together with whole grain products, are the perfect substantial breakfast. How about a slice of multi-grain bread with some fromage frais and slices of cucumber? A fruit smoothie is also quick to make: the core and the skin can be used, making it faster to cut up the fruit. If you really don’t have any time in the mornings, just take an apple with you to eat on the way as a vitamin-rich snack.

I’m not a good cook so I prefer to rely on convenience food.

A widely held misconception is that a balanced meal requires extensive cooking skills. The opposite is the case: healthy fruit- and vegetable-based meals often require little time and give beginners the chance for some creative experimentation. Inspiration can also be taken from many recipe websites, blogs or apps, and of course traditional cookbooks. Tip: Ask your friends what their favourite meals are or meet up some evening to cook together. It won’t be long before you have plenty of new ideas.

Picture: Even the supermarket can be inspiring

Healthy eating? I don’t like it!

It’s often difficult to try something new because our habits stop us. Preconceptions and our comfort zone can also be significant factors in our reluctance. Try to free yourself from long-standing patterns of behaviour. If you include more fruit and vegetables in your diet, it does not mean saying goodbye to your beloved chocolate for ever and ever. The secret is balance. This is precisely what makes healthy eating so much fun! Simply try to vary your usual meals and be clever in expanding them. Lettuce as a crispy side dish, vegetable lasagne instead of a greasy casserole or freshly squeezed juice instead of an energy drink are tasty alternatives. Take the plunge!

Picture: A healthy diet? Just try it out!

What is actually healthy? I don’t know enough about it.

Generally speaking, a healthy diet is a varied diet. So fruit, vegetables and whole grain products should account for most of your food, as these supply you with important fibre, vitamins and minerals. These can be supplemented with protein sources like eggs, dairy products, fish and meat. Plant-based fats and oils complete this healthy selection of foods. A sufficient intake of fluids – ideally from water, non-alcoholic spritzers and teas – is also vital. However, a healthy diet is about more than just what you choose to eat. Eating should be enjoyable and give pleasure. So it is important to take your time and recognise your own personal needs. Crash diets or very one-sided forms of nutrition are often hard to maintain and may not cover the nutrients you need over the long term.

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