Have a healthy orange summer

Orange gesund

Is winter time the time for oranges? It’s true, we typically enjoy this juicy fruit when it’s cold outside as it boosts our immune systems. But we shouldn’t forget about this exotic beauty at this time of the year either! Oranges make the perfect summer snack and are a healthy alternative to ice cream and other sugary treats.

Why oranges are good for us right now

Whenever we think of this delicious citrus fruit, we immediately think of vitamin C. Oranges contain around 50 mg vitamin C per 100 g. Vitamin C not only helps to keep colds away in winter, it is also involved in several metabolic processes in the body. Building connective tissue is one such process. As a water-soluble vitamin, it also helps us to absorb iron from our food. A shot of fresh orange juice at meal times is therefore a real secret tip to enjoying the summer. Drink the juice quickly to preserve the vitamins.

Oranges also contain magnesium, a mineral that makes this fruit a healthy summer option. Magnesium is important for concentration and a healthy nervous system. It can also help athletes avoid muscle cramps.

Another good reason to enjoy oranges during the summer is that they provide us with important fibre. They keep us full for longer without weighing us down. Oranges are best eaten in their natural state. We definitely don’t need greasy fast food and unhealthy snacks during the summer (or during the winter for that matter!).

Fancy hitting the ground running healthily with oranges? Let’s get started!

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