Gym snack blueberry: 5 tips for athletes

Fitness-Snack Heidelbeere

Before, during and after exercising, athletes need healthy food with added value that will not weigh them down. Blueberries are a particularly good gym snack, as they are quick to prepare and can be eaten in lots of different ways. Our 5 tips for athletes will ensure berrylicious motivation for your next trip to the gym!

Tip 1: Berry-based protein power

The perfect combination! While blueberries are a good source of vitamins and minerals, soya yoghurt provides vegetable protein for building muscle. Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy in the morning or in between meals.

Tip 2: Easy blueberry biscuits

A real winner! Mix together rolled oats, banana and blueberries. Shape into biscuits, place on a baking sheet and bake until crispy. Essentially muesli in biscuit form, they make an ideal light snack before training.

Tip 3: The fruity classic

Of course, let’s not forget to add a fresh blueberry smoothie to snack on. Simply add blueberries and any other fruit of your choice to some almond milk and blend. Ideal for small sips before or after exercising.

Tip 4: Flourless blueberry pancakes

Stay full for longer and enjoy constant energy when exercising – all thanks to pancakes made with rolled oats instead of flour. An added bonus is that they are high in fibre. Blueberries in the batter sweeten these delicious gym snacks and the anthocyanins in the berries even have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Tip 5: Blueberry salad

Salad is probably the most versatile healthy snack, whether you are at home or on the go. And blueberries go well with almost every salad ingredient – simply mix and match as you please. How about some lamb’s lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and nuts – topped with blueberries?

Snack yourself fit!

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