Guaranteed delicious: 5 healthy breakfast ideas

gesunde Frühstücksideen

Fed up with boring toast and jam? Looking for something different for breakfast? Then our 5 healthy breakfast ideas – from porridge to bowls – are perfect for you. They will provide you with valuable nutrients to start your day and ensure plenty of delicious variety for your taste buds. Here are our 5 tastiest breakfasts for you to try!

Breakfast idea No. 1: Fluffy banana pancakes

Mmmmm – let the pampering begin! These fluffy banana pancakes are made from wholemeal flour, almond flour, almond drink and bananas. A healthy breakfast idea for anyone with a sweet tooth. Find out here how to make these scrumptious classics.

Breakfast idea No. 2: Substantial proats

Proats could well become your favourite breakfast! The name is a combination of “overnight oats” and “protein”, an indication of its protein- and fibre-rich content. What makes this breakfast special is that you can prepare your proats the night before, using rolled oats and quark, and then add berries and nuts the next morning. Click here for some spoon pleasure in a glass.

Breakfast idea No. 3: Galaxy smoothie bowl

Galactically good! If you are one of those who like to float in other spheres in the morning, you need to try our galaxy bowl. This fabulous mix of berries, bananas, oranges and other delicious ingredients is sure to add colour to your table. Click here to find out how to conjure up this vitamin-boosting mix at rocket speed.

Breakfast idea No. 4: Blueberry and chocolate sandwich

So how about something sweet in the morning? Of course – our blueberry and chocolate sandwich combines dark chocolate with pear, orange, blueberries and cottage cheese on wholegrain bread. We love this unusual sandwich, which doubles as a healthy breakfast! Find out here how to make this tasty snack.

Breakfast idea No. 5: Banana and turmeric porridge

It goes without saying that we had to include good old porridge among our 5 healthy breakfast ideas. With nut milk, bananas, berries and turmeric, our banana and turmeric porridge will warm you from the inside out, ensuring a relaxed and satisfying start to your day. Click here to find out how to make it.

OK – out of the nest, it’s time to rise and shine!

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