Grapefruit: A refreshing taste from morning to night

Grapefruit: Das steckt drin

Something sour will not only make you feel happier but will also keep you healthy! This is especially true of the citrus-fresh grapefruit, an ideal, early-morning, low-calorie snack. With flavours ranging from bitter to sweet, it unleashes a true explosion of taste in the mouth. Even late risers will find it easier to start the day with a portion of grapefruit.

Complete package for health fans

Grapefruit, not to be confused with pomelo by the way, earns a place of honour on the hit list of healthy fruits. This is because it is very low in calories but packs a punch when it comes to vitamin C, fibre and phytochemicals. With its light-yellow to ruby-red flesh and its slightly bitter, refreshing taste, it is the highlight of every meal.

Suitable for every situation

Fans of the golden-yellow fruit can enjoy grapefruit as a juice, sliced up in muesli, as a dessert or simply eaten on its own with a spoon. Tip: How about a tangy vinaigrette made from grapefruit, olive oil, honey and pepper as a delicious salad dressing?

Picture: Grapefruit for salad fans!

Bitter sweet – plant-based support for (almost) everyone

Grapefruit contains naringenin, a phytochemical that gives the fruit its typical bitter taste. Among other things, it helps to lower cholesterol. However, naringenin can also interact negatively with some medicines such as blood pressure or asthma medications. Grapefruit should therefore only be eaten following consultation with a doctor.

Fresh grapefruit is available from Dole between May and October. If you would like to create a small stockpile of vitamins for yourself, this juicy and tasty fruit can easily be stored for a number of weeks.

Have we tempted you yet? Then think about putting some colour into your next breakfast!

Picture: Try grapefruit juice as well!





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