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Bucket List Frühling

New year, new spring! It’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and renewed motivation. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to try? After a long winter, what would do you good and improve your wellbeing? Spring is the ideal time to look at your own personal bucket list! So write down everything that spontaneously occurs to you and try to tackle it in the coming months. Today, we have five suggestions that may give you some additional inspiration. Tip: Your spring bucket list is intended to be an incentive, so set goals that are as realistic as possible. Let’s get started!

Idea 1: Grow your own spring herbs

Fresh herbs are a must in the kitchen and the tastiest ones are those you grow yourself! So add “Grow my own herbs” to your spring bucket list. It’s easier than you might think – you can sow herbs like cress and chives from springtime until late summer. A bright spot – a raised bed in the garden or a window sill – is perfect for Mediterranean herbs. Parsley or sage prefer a moist and warm environment, while mint or lemon balm like some shade. Don’t forget to water regularly. Tip: Many herbs can also be frozen, meaning you always have a supply.

Idea 2: Rediscover old-school sports

The 90s are back! The fashion and music popular during that colourful decade are now widely celebrated again. So why not revive some of the typical sports from that era? It doesn’t matter if you experienced the 90s yourself or were only born during the decade – put old-school sport on your spring bucket list. How about reviving some inline skating, streetball or skateboarding? In any case, exercise is always a good idea and you might even start a new trend!

Idea 3: Try some totally veggie street food

Rarely found in winter, but now making it big again in spring – street food festivals are starting to reappear and are the perfect opportunity for some relaxed outdoor eating. Are you someone who usually has a preference for burgers and fried meat but now would like to eat “veggie” more frequently? Then vegetarian street food could be on your bucket list for spring. There really is a huge selection to choose from. So, at the next event in your town, take a look at the food trucks selling vegetarian burritos, salads, bowls or sandwiches.

Idea 4: Try eating less sugar

Eating a healthier diet with less sugar is probably one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. So write this wish in your spring bucket list to make sure you don’t lose sight of it. Less processed sugar in your everyday diet can have a positive effect on your wellbeing. In the long term, you will experience fewer cravings. Your gut, immune system and cardiovascular system could benefit, and you will probably feel less tired. Tip: Start with baby steps and cut out the sugar where it is scarcely “noticeable”. So don’t sweeten your coffee or tea unnecessarily, avoid processed food and drink mostly water. And take a look at the ingredients when you are buying food. Sugar is often included in the most unlikely products.

Idea 5: Become a fresh air fan

Have you taken a deep breath today? No spring bucket list should be without its refreshing outdoor moments. In particular, time spent in the fresh air will boost your circulation and immune system and improve your mood. Even if you cannot incorporate a walk into your daily routine in spring, you can still get invigorating oxygen into your lungs in other ways. Eat breakfast on the balcony, or simply open the window during the day to breathe in deeply and clear your mind.

Live in the moment!

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