Get your vitamins at any time of the day: berries make the perfect winter snack

Beeren als Wintersnack

Miserable winter weather can sometimes dampen our motivation and really diminish our energy levels. Luckily, raspberries and blueberries are there to sweeten our day, not only during the summer but also during the cold season. By snacking on berries during the winter, we can integrate vitamins and minerals into our diet throughout the day and thus help to ward off colds and other winter ailments. It’s very simple.

The key thing to remember is that berries are the perfect complement to any of the daily meals mentioned here, but they can also be replaced by other fruits of your choice.

Wide awake with berry power

When it’s cold outside, getting up to a hearty, warm breakfast is decidedly easier. Thanks to its high fibre content, porridge made from rolled oats, warm almond milk and berries will keep you full for longer and give you the valuable vitamins and minerals you need. Tip: Adding raspberries or blueberries from the fridge to the pot will get them pleasantly warm and soft.

Don’t forget to nibble healthily

If you frequently grab a sandwich or a bar in between meals, why not try little “snack reminders” as a healthy alternative? To do this, simply fill a few small containers with a selection of unsalted nuts and fresh or dried berries so that you always have a healthy winter snack to hand. Resealable containers are handy for your backpack, a paper cup with the snack mix will fit perfectly in your car’s cup holder and a pretty jar full of nuts and berries is an ideal accessory for your desk in the office!

A warm lunch with berries

Of course, berries also make the perfect addition to a winter lunch, giving you an extra boost to start the second half of the day. A warm berry soup, whole grain pasta with berry pesto, olive oil, cashew nuts and Parmesan or pancakes topped with raspberries and blueberries – there is no limit to what the imagination can conjure up at lunchtime!

Supper with a twist

Round off the day with a tasty treat: it’s generally dark outside by supper time during the winter. Time for a sociable get-together and healthy berries as a winter snack. These sweet little fruits are also a wonderful complement to your evening meal. How about homemade fruit loaf and a spread made from berries and cottage cheese, berries as a salad topping or a homemade tea made from dried berries?

Now you can look forward to every winter’s day!

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