Fresh and summery: light snacks for the warmer months

Leichte Snacks

As soon as we sense the heat from the first rays of sun, we feel the need for some spontaneous trips to the countryside. Whether it’s sharing a picnic in the meadow, going for a walk in the forest or spending a day at the beach – refreshing provisions are an absolute must. Once you keep in mind a few tips and tricks, fruit and vegetables are an enjoyable, easy and safe option, even at high temperatures.

Active and energetic thanks to healthy refreshment

During the summer, our body is grateful for all refreshment. Sweating leads to a loss of fluids and thus important minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Among other things, these minerals are responsible for the optimum functioning of muscles and nerves. A sufficient intake of fluids is therefore important on hot days, especially if you are engaging in physical activity.

Fruit and vegetables are ideal summer snacks, as they contain plenty of water, are easy to digest, and are filling without unnecessarily straining the circulation. Heavy, greasy meals on the other hand, can happily be sent on a “summer holiday”.

Picture: Easy and delicious – fruit is always a good choice!

Enjoy the right kind of variety

Now is the perfect time of the year to make the most of the great selection of fruit and vegetables. Portions of berries, bananas, pineapples and melons are ideal when you are on the move. Crunchy kohlrabi, succulent cucumbers, radishes or peppers can be combined to make a delicious salad and also make the perfect snacks. Instead of sausages, why not grill some fish on the barbecue, accompanied by a selection of vegetables?

Tip: Moist foods should always be well chilled when you are out and about. Cooler bags or boxes are ideal for this purpose. Salads and similar foods can be packed in sturdy plastic boxes where they will be safe and appetising. Sprinkle lemon juice on cut fruit to prevent it from going brown.

Picture: Drink fruity!

Don’t forget a drink

To avoid headaches and light-headedness, we should drink at least 2 litres a day in the summer months. Suitable thirst-quenchers include mineral water, fruit spritzers and unsweetened tea. Avoid ice-cold drinks as this increases the production of sweat. Alcohol, soft drinks and coffee are best avoided.

Are you in a summer mood too? How do you cool down on the beach or the balcony? Let us know!




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