Five reasons why you should eat melon this summer

It’s always there! During the summer, a day doesn’t go by without some refreshing melon in the open-air swimming pool, on the beach or in a picnic. But what makes this juicy fruit such a hit on a hot summer’s day? We reveal all!

1. Melon is the perfect thirst quencher

During the summer, watermelon is particularly good for quenching your thirst as it consists of almost 90% water. You need to ensure that you have a sufficient fluid intake, especially at high temperatures as your body loses water and minerals through sweating. In addition to drinking at least two litres of water in hot weather, melon also makes a refreshing alternative during the summer months.

2. It is far superior to ice cream

Feel like something sweet and fresh? Instead of ice cream, we prefer to cool down with a quick bite of melon, as this delicious fruit has hardly any calories. Honeydew melon contains only 54 kcal per 100 g, while the calorie content of watermelon is as low as 37 kcal. Unbeatable!

3. There’s enough for everyone!

We admit it – carrying melon in your shopping basket will give your muscles a workout, it’s definitely a heavyweight fruit: one watermelon can weigh up to 5 kg. But once it is sliced, one melon can easily feed the whole gang or the barbecue crowd as a snack. Another reason to give this round fruit the thumbs up!

4. Melon makes the summer more colourful

Which colour would you like? There is scarcely any other fruit that is as multifaceted as the melon. The deep red flesh of the watermelon, the yellow honeydew melon and the orange-coloured cantaloupe are sure to please. There are even white versions.

5. The melon is simply a talented all-rounder

Sure, we usually like to enjoy melon mainly as a quick snack on its own. But did you know that melon also tastes fantastic in a salad, as a soup or in a smoothie? Its sweet flavour adds a very individual touch to many dishes.

The summer will be mega meloniscious!

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