Father’s lifestyle important to offspring’s health

Improve Dad’s Diet For Healthy Babies and Raising Kids with a Healthy Weight

We know a Mother’s diet plays a large role in the development of a baby during pregnancy but let’s give Dad some credit too. Studies have recognized that a man’s diet and parenting style contributes to a child’s development and overall health and weight gain. Here’s a refresher:

Folate status of the father, not just the mother, could be equally critical in predicting healthy pregnancy outcomes. In a lab setting, scientists from McGill University found that folate deficient diets in males were associated with a 24% increase in birth defects, including severe facial and skeletal malformations (vs. 3% in the control group).

Another study on parenting style involving nearly 5,000 4- and 5-year-olds found that laissez-faire fathers were more likely to have obese children when compared to fathers with a more structured approach to parenting. Surprisingly, no such association was found on the mothers’ side, though other studies suggest parents with low concern over their children’s weight have the heaviest offspring.

Higher intakes of fruits and vegetables don’t stop at healthier children. One study foundthat as men age daily consumption of fruits, vegetables and orange juice may help them to hold onto their cognitive function as a result! Men that ate the most fruits and vegetables early in life were at lower risk of poor brain function. Bottom line, dads should eat a variety of produce and eat it often. Doing so will create habits that will benefit themselves and their children through their lifetimes. Start tonight with our Buffalo Chicken Burgers, each one with a serving of coleslaw will get you ¾ cup closer to your vegetable goal!

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