Exercising outdoors – 4 outdoor sports for beginners

Übungen für draußen

Jogging is too boring and you need some extra motivation to exercise in the open air? We have some ideas for you here: exercising outdoors can improve both endurance and strength. Today Eric shows us four simple but very effective outdoor exercises for various muscle groups that are great to try out in the local park!

Who is Eric?

Rower and Olympic medal winner Eric has been featured on our blog on a number of occasions. Inspired by the “My Energy” code, the strategy for healthy eating, exercise and personal passions, the amiable athlete takes us with him on a journey to a fitter lifestyle. His secret tip is to mix things up a bit! You can get going straight away as these four exercises can be done outside without a lot of equipment.

Tip: Take a look at the right way to do them in our video and don’t forget to warm up.

Four exercises to do outside

1. Dips at the bench
Good for: Shoulder muscles and triceps
You will need: A park bench for support. Alternatively, larger, fallen tree trunks are also suitable.
2. Sit-ups
Good for: Stomach muscles, especially if you have been sitting for a long time
You will need: Nothing!
3. Pull-ups
Good for: Shoulder muscles and the entire upper body
What you need: A fixed horizontal bar, e.g. the horizontal bar in a playground. A stable branch can also be “repurposed”.
4. “Eagle pose” or back extensions
Good for: Strong back muscles
What you need: This exercise can be done on a flat surface or an incline bench, like the ones you see in some parks or on fitness trails with outdoor gym equipment.

Add a whole new dimension to outdoor sport and find your perfect exercise for outside! #DoleFindYourWay

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