Exercising in winter: 5 indoor activities for all weathers

A woman is climbing indoor

It’s not always easy to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Our motivation quickly plummets when the weather messes up our plans or the dark evenings mean that we can’t exercise outdoors. But you won’t need to worry about that with our five interesting choices of indoor sport activities! These activities will allow you to exercise during the winter – not only will they keep you physically fit no matter what the weather, they are also great fun.

Indoor climbing

You don’t necessarily need mountains to practise climbing. Throughout the country you will find plenty of indoor climbing walls where beginners and more experienced climbers can try out a huge variety of routes. Climbing uses almost all the muscle groups and improves endurance and concentration. Not to mention the sense of achievement you get when you reach the top! For those who don’t like heights, there is bouldering: here you make your way up a boulder just a few metres high and you can jump off at any time. You can generally rent any equipment you need in the indoor climbing gym itself.


Squash experienced a boom in the late 1980s and then faded into the background somewhat. Unfairly! Even now, you will still find squash courts in many sports or tennis clubs. This fast-paced racket sport is ideal for getting in some challenging endurance training during the winter. It is played indoors on a court and the ball is hit very quickly against the wall. Squash is very physically demanding and involves a lot of running – perfect for relieving stress! But you also need fast reflexes. An hour of squash will certainly work up a sweat – it is particularly good for the legs and glutes. Plus you are rewarded for all this hard work with the satisfying feeling of having had a real workout.

A couple is playing squash indoor
Picture: Squash – a classic indoor activity

Indoor beach volleyball

Get the summer feeling in winter! Thanks to underfloor heating and a beach-like atmosphere, beach volleyball halls give us a touch of the holiday mood, even during winter. Beach volleyball is a full body workout – it trains the legs, stomach, back and arms. Exercising on sand makes the training even more effective. Added to all of this is the fun factor of this team sport – no matter how unpleasant and cold it is outside.

A volleyball is lying in the sand
Picture: Get the summer feeling with indoor beach volleyball!

Indoor diving

Coral reefs, a labyrinth of caves and underwater volcanoes – thanks to imaginatively designed indoor diving centres this is also possible here. Indoor diving offers beginners and more experienced divers lots of fun in pleasant water temperatures. Why shouldn’t we prepare for the summer diving holiday during the winter? Whether you are looking for a taster course or you want to get your diving licence, you will certainly never be bored underwater, surrounded by a fascinating environment featuring shipwrecks and artificial ruins.

A couple is diving in a pool
Picture: Diving without the sea? Of course – do it indoor!

Indoor surfing

Anyone who can’t wait for the summer to come should give indoor surfing a try. In indoor surfing complexes you can ride the perfect wave safely and without risk. A thin film of water shoots over a wave shaped surface. Lying on your stomach on your bodyboard you can then ride this artificial wave. More experienced surfers can try it standing up straight away. A good way of training for your summer surfing holiday – or simply to get some wet and wild water fun on a dull winter’s day.

Exercise during the winter keeps you fit and is fun! Makes it easy to keep those New Year’s resolutions – what do you think?

Here’s hoping you have lots of sporty fun! Your Dole team




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