Eat breakfast – snack less

Weniger snacken durch frühstücken

A bar of chocolate here, a sandwich there – are you a typical “snacker”, who has constant cravings during the day and then quickly needs energy? One reason for this is that many people simply don’t eat breakfast in the morning. After just a few hours, they are hungry, lack concentration and feel tired.

Snack less by eating breakfast? Yes, because if you stock up on fibre, slow-release carbohydrates and vitamins in the morning, you will stay fuller and be able to concentrate for longer because your blood sugar level will increase steadily. Sugary snacks, on the other hand, will increase your energy level temporarily but will cause renewed cravings just as quickly. Also, by constantly snacking you are unwittingly consuming more calories than you think. Break the “snacking cycle”!

Like to get some breakfast inspiration? Eric eats a substantial breakfast of whole grain, protein and fruit each morning. And if he needs a snack at some stage, he chooses something like nuts, for example.

Who is Eric?

As a rower, Eric Johannesen is at home on the water. The Olympic medal winner constantly rediscovers healthy eating, exercise and personal passions. In today’s clip, he tells us about his current breakfast favourites! Click above to see the recipes.

Fancy even more variety? Then try our breakfast inspirations for 5 days. With these tips, snacking less by eating breakfast gets easy even for morning grouches. #DoleFindYourWay

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