Easy homemade muesli

Selbstgemachtes Müsli

A breakfast of homemade muesli is just the right thing for a healthy and nutritious start to the day. And it’s easy to make. Background: With the right ingredients, a homemade muesli provides all the important components of a healthy diet: slow-release carbohydrates, fibre, phytochemicals and minerals. Adding fruit supplies your body with vitamins, such as vitamin C for example.

We are fans of homemade muesli – the sky’s the limit when it comes to ingredients and you can simply try and combine whatever you like or whatever you are in the mood for. Below are some of our most popular recipes.

Homemade muesli: Basic recipe

Picture: Basic recipe
Picture: Basic recipe



The basic recipe for a homemade muesli consists of three to four tablespoons of a rolled cereal grain (ideally whole grain oat flakes), a teaspoon of flaxseeds and a dairy product or a dairy substitute of your choice (we recommend Greek yoghurt, low-fat quark or low-fat milk). Then add fresh or dried fruit, depending on your preference. Bananas, apples, blueberries and even strawberries are traditional favourites.

But homemade muesli can contain so much more. The following recipes are sure to inspire you!


Easy homemade Bircher muesli

Picture: Bircher muesli
Picture: Bircher muesli


4 tablespoons of oat flakes
150 ml milk
1 apple
1 tablespoon of chopped hazelnuts
1 teaspoon of honey
According to preference: raisins and fresh berries

Method: Mix together the oat flakes and milk (and the raisins if you are using them) and leave to soak overnight. The next day, stir in the chopped nuts and honey, grate the apple and mix everything together. Add some fresh berries for added taste.

Homemade topping: Crunchy amaranth muesli

Picture: Crunchy amaranth muesli
Picture: Crunchy amaranth muesli



200 g rolled oats
20 g sunflower seeds
20 g chopped nuts of your choice
20 g popped amaranth
2 tablespoons of oil
2 tablespoons of agave syrup

Method: Place the rolled oats, sunflower seeds, nuts, oil and agave syrup in a saucepan, add around 80 ml water and heat. Add the amaranth and stir well. Place the mixture on a baking sheet and dry it in the (fan-assisted) oven at 120 °C for about an hour and a half. Stir occasionally to produce the delicious amaranth crunch. Leave to cool and enjoy with fresh fruit or as a topping.

Top tip: Autumn is chestnut time! Chop 200 g of prepared chestnuts into small cubes and roast for 30 minutes at 130 °C (fan-assisted oven). These also make a delicious topping.


 Exotic homemade muesli

Picture: Exotic muesli
Picture: Exotic muesli




Instead of using traditional ingredients like bananas and apples, this recipe adds an exotic touch: Homemade muesli with fresh mango and kiwi!

150 g Greek yoghurt
1 teaspoon of honey
100 g mango
1 kiwi
According to preference: other exotic fruits
1 teaspoon of chopped nuts (walnuts or hazelnuts)
The juice of half an orange

Method: Marinate the sliced fruit in the orange juice. Stir the honey into the yoghurt. Add the sliced fruit and scatter the chopped nuts on top.

Top tip: Sprinkle the homemade crunchy amaranth muesli over the mix as a topping.



Do you have any more great recipe ideas for homemade muesli? We look forward to hearing your tips and we hope you have lots of fun trying out the different recipes!






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