Downtime for mum – 5 tips for little breaks from the daily routine

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The “job” of being a mum is anything but easy. After all, mothers are frequently the family members who are primarily responsible for housework, kids and jobs – all at the same time. Their “invisible” organisational talent is particularly sought-after. Keeping an eye on homework, getting sports kits ready, making doctors’ appointments, buying birthday presents and baking muffins for the crèche party – all of this is done by mums, often virtually “on the side”.

But mothers who constantly have to work at full tilt and manage everything perfectly, will ultimately succumb to frustration and exhaustion in the long term. As a mum, taking breaks from the daily routine is simply important to allow you to recharge your batteries and ensure greater personal satisfaction. Today, we have 5 tips for taking a break from the everyday routine so that you can create your own oasis of calm in the often chaotic environment of family life.

Important! In order for you as a mum to even find time for yourself, you need to be able to relinquish responsibility. So speak to your partner or enlist the help of family and friends. Above all: talk about the things that are causing you stress. It is only in this way that the fantastic job you are doing as a mum does not go unnoticed.

Tip 1 for mums: Create a spa in your own bathroom

Close the door and run a bath. Half an hour in the bath will give you some relaxing downtime and should be your “me time”. Treat yourself to a face mask and beautiful fragrances. Put on your favourite music and then simply close your eyes. Forget about the piles of laundry or the weekly shop. Tip: A fruity drink, like our spinach and grape smoothie, will give you that extra boost of energy.

Tip 2 for mums: Talk to friends

Whether you meet for something to eat or simply talk on the phone – chatting with friends is a top tip for a mini mum break. Sharing everyday worries and laughing together can help us to feel stronger and better understood. Prepare some perfect snacks to go with the chat or have your besties bring something: our quinoa fruit salad in a jar.

Tip 3 for mums: Get some sleep!

This tip seems quite simple – but it is probably the one that is least often practised. This is because many mums feel guilty about grabbing a quick snooze or power nap during the day. So – once more – forget the idea that you have to keep going non-stop and treat yourself to some sleep. After all, sleep is something that is often in short supply. Once your children are well looked after, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take a nap. When you wake up, continue the dream with our raspberry smoothie bowl.

Tip 4 for mums: Go out on your own

The greatest luxury for lots of mums? Some time alone! The daily routine with the kids makes it difficult to take a breath or get some peace and quiet. A walk or a break in the park with your favourite book will do wonders for you. Let your mind wander and enjoy your mum downtime with all your senses. This will definitely help to recharge your batteries. And don’t forget our crunchy raspberry and almond muesli bar, which will fit into any pocket.

Tip 5 for mums: Do a quick workout to your favourite songs

Exercise as mum downtime? Definitely, as this is the perfect way to use your time to improve your fitness and wellbeing. Of course, this works best at home. Short home workouts, yoga or pilates act as a good all-over training session and can be easily fitted in to your daily routine. See what exercise you like doing best at home. Are the kids going to be there or do you need your own room? Plan this with your loved ones and get going! Our grape and avocado wrap will strengthen you from inside.

Time for a break!

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