Dole Energy-Day: Ten bloggers on an energy mission


Blogs are fun! These days, you can find virtual diaries on almost any subject. As a reader, your favourite blogs will constantly keep you up to date, allow you to browse to your heart’s content and even participate a little in the blogger’s life.

Here at Dole, we are particularly interested in blogs on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle so we have organised a Dole Energy-Day with 10 selected bloggers.

On April 20th, they will be able to experience the Energy-Code live in Hamburg. Our Energy-Crew will be on hand with their expertise and passion to offer help and advice. This top team is made up of leading Dole nutritional researcher Dr. Nicholas Gillitt, Dole nutrition and communications expert Jenn LaVardera, energy expert Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer and Hamburg celebrity chef Patrick Gebhardt.

In addition to fascinating background information on nutrition, exercise and personal fulfilment, there will also be plenty of fun to be had. We promise you something to look forward to!

Keep an eye here on our blog and on the Dole Facebook fanpage to see which bloggers will be on board for Dole Energy-Day and what impressions they were able to take from this get-together.

Let’s blog!




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