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Our Dole Energy-Day in Hamburg was energy-filled, fascinating and inspiring. The articles posted by our participants about the event on their blogs are equally compelling. Read today the first part.

Simply impressive – a variety of content for all blog fans

One article will be selected by the Dole Energy Crew as the winning post. The winner can look forward to an unforgettable trip to the Dole research centre at the NCRC in Kannapolis. The prize also includes a stay in New York. Just wait and see which blogger will be going on this once-in-a-lifetime trip and will report back to us on her experiences in the USA.

Energy-filled reading material

On her blog “Projekt: Gesund leben”, Hannah writes passionately about various health-related themes. For example, Dole Energy-Day inspired her to think about the balance in her “energy account”. The film screened about Dole owner David H. Murdock is something that stayed in her mind. When it comes to things that she feels passionately about, Hannah makes no compromises. She cuts everything out of her life that is not good for her. Luckily, writing isn’t one of those things so we can continue to look forward to hearing more about her ideas.

Picture: Let’s talk!

In “Fit and sparkling life” Jennifer motivates her readers to lead a fulfilling life that includes exercise and good nutrition. At Energy-Day, she was able to fully experience how extensively Dole researches in these areas. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Jennifer found Nick’s presentation particularly interesting. From chia seeds to “superfood” berries – Jennifer is completely in her element, which you can see from reading her fascinating blog posts.

Picture: Highly interested Jennifer

It was also great to have the lovely Kate on board too. In keeping with the name of her blog “Wild and fit”, she is always active and looking for new challenges. The Dole Energy-Day prompted her to think about things that make us happy. Good nutrition, lots of exercise and her blog are Kate’s tips to feeling good. And one great knock-on effect of the day shared in Hamburg is that Kate now eats even more fruit.

Picture: Ready to post the impressions

Klara from “Klara Fuchs” discovered at the Dole Energy-Day how satisfying it can be to talk about your passions and discuss things with like-minded people. The members of our Energy Crew were the perfect people for such discussions. Klara was able to talk to them about energy zappers, light but tasty recipe ideas and the most useful nutrition methods. Like Jenn, Klara would like to give her readers a better understanding of what a healthy lifestyle involves. We hope that the day has given Klara an extra boost of energy for her many exciting projects.

Picture: Laughing is an energy source!

Just like Klara, Mirela travelled specially from Austria to the far north. In her blog “coral and mauve” she tells her readers about her passions and the beautiful things in life. These will now probably also include Mirela’s experiences at the Dole Energy-Day. The young Viennese blogger enjoyed spending time with people who are passionate about the same things. Mirela was particularly impressed by the relaxed members of the Energy Crew, who were not there to ‘wag the finger’ but instead treated the bloggers as their equals.

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