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Thanks to our bloggers, who had travelled to be with us on the day, and the Energy Crew, the Energy Code was a great experience. The articles posted by our participants about the event on their blogs are equally compelling.

Our bloggers’ posts are well worth reading. They are written from a very personal perspective and show which aspects of the Energy Code were particularly relevant, surprising or helpful for the authors. 

Inspiring articles

The clue is in the name! On “Fitnessliebe”, Stefanie blogs about her great passion – sport. The personal trainer knows that a balanced diet, together with the right amount of exercise, is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Dr Bauhofer’s talk on the subject of having something in our lives that really matters to us showed Stefanie that something fulfilling to do in life makes us happy. With so much vitality, it’s not surprising that she falls into the “dynamo” category in the “My Energy” test.

Picture: Trying to get the perfect photo!

The cheerful “Gaumenfreundin” is the second Stefanie in the group. The motivational blogger can never get enough fresh fruit – perfect prerequisites for the Dole Energy-Day. Stefanie put the experts’ tips into practice straight away and made herself a green smoothie and crisp salad as soon as she arrived home, showing how easy it is to integrate small things into our everyday routine and thus easily improving our sense of well-being. Steffi’s must-haves: walks, sunshine and spending time with her husband.

Picture: Collecting some ideas and impressions

Jennifer from “being fit is fun” has some original and interesting thoughts on the topic of “energy balance” on her blog. The very active athlete had a think about her energy status after the Dole Energy-Day. Writing a blog, playing sport and working can sometimes make life stressful. In future, therefore Jenny intends to listen more to what her body is saying and do things that really make her happy. Jenny regularly feels that exercise can be a real energy boost. Her tip: Schedule exercise times, then you can’t put it off.

Picture: Relaxed and interested

For Veronika, alias “Carrots for Claire”, the information she picked up at the Dole Energy-Day provides the perfect start to a healthier lifestyle. For her, it is very important to be constantly learning about nutrition and related issues. She recommends beginners to get started simply but effectively with a balanced lifestyle. This includes, for example, adding an extra portion of fruit and vegetables to every meal, using sport as a source of motivation and discovering personal passions.

Picture: Great atmosphere during the day

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