Breaktime snacks for children: lunch box ideas

pausensnacks für kinder

Back to school! For parents, this means back to organising breaktime snacks for their kids. This isn’t always an easy thing to do. After all, the food in their lunchbox should be varied and healthy so that the little ones have enough energy and can concentrate on their lessons. But it also needs to taste good. Below are some of our tips and ideas for healthy and delicious breaktime snacks for children.

Get creative with vegetables

Many kids do not particularly like vegetables. One trick that helps to ensure the younger ones still get their vitamins is to cut brightly coloured vegetables, like red peppers, cucumber or carrots, into different shapes using small biscuit cutters. These go well with a dip, such as hummus or fromage frais with herbs. Let the snacking fun begin!

Serve fruit in handy bite-sized pieces

To make fruit more appealing to children, it often helps to serve it in small portions. Our tip therefore is to cut pears, bananas or apples into bite-sized strips or segments.

Subtly hide the fruit

There is no harm in sometimes hiding the healthy food. For example, you can mix up finely chopped fruit with yoghurt or fromage frais and a little honey and muesli. This breaktime snack is easy to carry in small screw top jars. But don’t forget to pack a spoon! Our feel-good toast also contains some ingeniously hidden fruit.

Cool properly

Breaktime snacks for kids are best packed in a box with a tight-fitting lid. An ice pack or a frozen bottle of water will keep this second breakfast fresh for long enough.

Use natural sweeteners

Children love sweets, but supermarket treats are often full of refined sugar and saturated fatty acids. A better option is the natural sweetness of fruit, such as the apples and bananas used to make this delicious fruit bread. Homemade apple or banana crisps are a healthy snack to nibble on at breaktime.

Wishing your kids a tasty day at school!

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