Optimize your energy with smoothies

Das steckt hinter Smoothies

Smoothies have literally been “on everyone’s lips” for some time now. But what do these fruity shakes mean for our health and what ingredients do they actually contain? With a little background knowledge, this refreshing and enjoyable drink can be integrated even more easily into our daily diet.

Delicious mix

Smoothies contain a tasty blend of puréed fruit and water with a creamy consistency. Ripe bananas, apples, oranges, mangos and berries, for example, are ideal ingredients. Generally speaking, pips and skins can also be added to the mix.

Some people like to add green vegetables or herbs. These give the smoothies a very distinctive aromatic flavour and an extra boost of fibre. Anyone wishing to graduate towards “green smoothies” can gradually replace the fruit with an increasing proportion of green vegetables.

Instead of water, a mix of almond and rice milk or low-fat yoghurt can be added for a change. However, sugar or cream should never make their way into a smoothie. The great thing is that these fruity drinks are so quick to make that you do not need to buy them ready-made. Your favourite fruits can be combined entirely according to taste.

Picture: Fruity smoothies add a little variety to your diet

Healthy snack

Because smoothies are rich in nutrients, fibre, phytochemicals and of course fructose, they should be seen as a wholesome snack and not as a quick thirst quencher. A large smoothie can definitely replace a snack during the day.

Smoothies are therefore a valuable addition to the diet of all fruit fans and a healthy snack that is quick to prepare.

The right technique

In addition to the ingredients, the right technique is also needed to achieve the optimum smoothie result. If you are a beginner, you can certainly start off by using a handheld blender or a jug blender. However, anyone who wants to incorporate smoothies into their diet over the long term should consider a high-performance blender with a speed of at least 30,000 rpm. These appliances are perfectly designed to break through the plant cell walls so that the nutrients contained inside can be absorbed much more effectively by the human body. This is particularly important with smoothies made from cellulose-rich green ingredients such as kale, rucola or carrot leaves. In addition, if you have a sturdy blender with a good-quality chopping attachment that is easy to clean, you will enjoy using it for a long time.

By the way, fresh smoothies can be stored in the fridge for a short period of time. Ideally, they should be eaten shortly after they are prepared to preserve the valuable nutrients.




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