• Dole Team

    Dole Team

    Fruit producer & fruit expert

    Fruit is our passion. Therefore, we do our very best to give you the most exciting and most instructive insights. This blog provides you with everything you need for your healthy diet - from useful tips to comprehensive energy formulas. Whenever you have questions: feel free to contact us or just leave a comment. Have fun!

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  • Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer

    Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer

    Physician, author, meditation trainer and popular speaker

    I am excited about health topics and management of stress and energy. I would like to invite you to the "My Energy" Test on the Dole website. Also here on the blog you can learn more about the Dole Energy-Code. Enjoy reading and have fun trying out!

  • Nick Gillitt

    Nick Gillitt

    Lead researcher Dole

    My name is Dr Nicholas Gillitt – Nick for short. I am head of the Dole Nutrition Institute, a research facility which is located on the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis. For the last 20 years, I have been researching the compounds that exist in fruit and vegetables and how they affect our health. Our next research projects are already in the pipeline. So you can continue to rely on our thirst for knowledge in the future!