Pumpkin soup: three recipes for autumn

Pumpkins are finally in season again now in October. The vibrantly coloured vegetable not only looks beautiful but is also the perfect ingredient for autumn cooking. Warm pumpkin soup is particularly delicious. We show you three different ways to prepare it.

Fight back pain with Pilates

A favorite exercise among fitness-enthusiasts and celebrities, Pilates is the ultimate workout for toning muscles and achieving a long, lean physique—but there’s more to Pilates. Researchers have shown Pilates may also be the ideal exercise for easing chronic lower back pain.

Tasty and healthy: indulge in some autumn plums!

Yikes – autumn again already? If you haven’t yet discovered the pleasure of sweet plums, you will need to hurry. This versatile stone fruit not only tastes delicious on its own or in a cake. Read here how you can let the summer fade away sweetly.

Recipes for energy: green smoothies

We love it green – and for good reason. Everyone’s talking about green smoothies these days and they are the perfect choice in three respects – they are tasty, healthy and quick to make. Easy to make: here are our favourite green smoothies.

Four-pronged approach to sustainability

Our employees, our farms and a healthy environment are the basis for all our activities. See what our four pillars of sustainability are in this post. They show the areas in which Dole is striving to conserve valuable resources.

Energy recipes: fruity smoothies

We love experimenting with fruit – anything goes when you are preparing fruity, fresh and healthy dishes. A great secondary effect is that these dishes are not only healthy and easy to digest but are also super tasty and quick to make.

Dole goes to the top of the class! Working for a secure future

Perhaps you still remember your schooldays. In some of the countries where Dole operates, however, daily school attendance and extensive healthcare are not things that can be taken for granted and these are precisely the areas where Dole is working with the Dale Foundation in Ecuador and Peru. Read more about this work.

The home of Dole bananas

Today is Costa Rica’s national day – just one more reason to take you away to this idyllic banana paradise. Costa Rica is located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, bounded on the east by the Caribbean and on the west by the Pacific.