Apples: Fruit enjoyment with bite


Crunchy, juicy, delicious! Apples are very popular fruits and are happily nibbled by young and old alike.

And it’s no surprise: the round fruit is extremely versatile, both in terms of varieties and colours and also with regard to what it contains. Both green and red apples not only taste good, they are also super healthy: apple fans get to enjoy plenty of fibre, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Apples are particularly rich in vitamin C. The body cannot make this vitamin itself and must obtain it from food. Vitamin C is a free radical scavenger and plays an important role in our immune system, It also helps to build connective tissue and enhances the absorption of iron from food.

A fresh apple is just the thing for a low-calorie snack. It will also keep you full for longer as apples contain a lot of fibre. One of the benefits of these useful plant fibres is that their swelling properties have a positive effect on our digestive system. Apples are therefore a hot tip for diarrhoeal disorders, as pectin absorbs the liquid in the gut and thus provides relief.

As in the case of the vitamins, most of the fibre is located in or just below the skin, so apples should not be peeled. By the way, the core of the apple can also be eaten. Tip: Simply add it to the smoothie mixer to remove the somewhat unusual feeling you get when chewing.

Proper storage for long enjoyment

Among the colourful range of apple varieties – from Royal Gala, to Granny Smith to Red Delicious – you are bound to find a variety to suit your taste. If you would like to store a diverse range of apples at home, they are best kept in the fridge or in a cool cellar.

The apples will stay fresh and crispy there for several weeks and can be eaten at any time. When storing them, they should each have their own little space. Apples release ethylene, a gas that makes other fruit ripen faster. Before eating, wash the apples briefly, then just take a bite and enjoy!




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