A quick workout for in between times

Schnelles Workout für zwischendurch

Think that exercise takes up too much time? Not if you have a quick workout that you can do in between times! Something you can easily do while travelling or during your lunch break. All you need is your own body weight. Eric tries it out.

Who is Eric?

Rower and Olympic champion Eric Johannesen has become an integral part of our blog. Based on the “My Energy” code, a strategy for healthy eating, exercise and personal passions, Eric has inspired us to adopt a fitter lifestyle. And he still has plenty of energy! In this last episode of #DoleFindYourWay, Eric shows you how to train different muscles – perfect exercises for beginners.

Like the sound of a quick workout for in between times? Click on the film and get started!

Tip for beginners: Perform each exercise 20 to 30 times in succession and repeat the entire workout three times. Let’s get started!  

  •  For toned shoulders and arms: Press-ups
  •  For strong core muscles: Sit-ups
  •  For toned legs: Squats

Stay sporty! #DoleFindYourWay

Your Dole team




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