5 summer snacks to share with your besties

Stand up paddling, chilling at the lake together or cruising on your bikes – carefree fun with the gang is the order of the day, particularly in summer. It goes without saying that your refreshments also need to pack a punch. These 5 summer snacks are perfect for large groups. They leave unhealthy fast food firmly in the shadows and definitely need to be on the menu the next time you meet your besties!

Summer snack 1: Colourful couscous salads

Couscous is always a good idea! This Middle Eastern dish is super quick to prepare for spur-of-the-moment excursions. Simply pour boiling water over the couscous and leave it to stand. Combined with fruit and vegetables of your choice, this makes for a refreshing and substantial salad. This smart and hearty snack is the ideal choice for a picnic. Simply pop it in a large dish and let everyone help themselves. How about our recipe for our colourful couscous salad?

Summer snack 2: Quick wraps

It doesn’t always have to be burgers! Homemade wraps are just as handy but much healthier. These rolled-up summer snacks are made with whole grain tortilla wraps; simply add your choice of fillings – salad leaves, tomatoes, pineapple and grilled chicken would be perfect for example. But why not try a fruity version for a deliciously refreshing snack? With no cutlery needed, wraps are the perfect choice when you are cycling or skating.

Summer snack 3: Handy fruit kebabs

Fruit kebabs also have great potential as a summer snack for the whole gang. Simply arrange a selection of fruit – melon, apple, grapes, berries and kiwi, for example, onto wooden skewers, take them with you wherever you go and share them with friends. Tip: How about making the preparation itself an event for all the pals? Chopping fruit together is guaranteed to get that summer feeling going.

Summer snack 4: Refreshing chia pudding

So you and your friends think ice cream is the most refreshing thing you can eat this summer? Then you probably haven’t tried chia pudding yet. This trendy dessert is also a tasty summer snack and a more wholesome alternative. Make it cool and exotic with coconut milk and top with raspberries, mango and pineapple. See for yourself – try our fruity coconut chia pudding. Simply serve in small glasses with a spoon at the summer party. Yummy!

Summer snack 5: Cake with a twist

Cake as a summer snack? Much too rich? Not at all, cake can also be healthy! Of course it depends on the ingredients – fruit and vegetables are a must. A tray bake, such as our beetroot brownies, is a good idea for any outdoor activity with the crew. Cut into handy pieces, this delicious treat is guaranteed to be a hit with all the gang.

It all tastes better together!

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