5 simple ideas for mindfulness in spring

Achtsamkeit Frühling

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and an opportunity to recharge our batteries. It is also the season when it is worthwhile adopting a mindful approach to life. So use all your senses to soak up this unique time of the year. Breathe, smell, listen, touch – our 5 simple ideas will help you to be more mindful in spring.

Breathe deeply and listen to spring

Find a quiet spot in a meadow or forest and consciously breathe in and out. Notice how the fresh air relaxes you. The fascinating sounds of spring also remind us of what we have almost forgotten after the long winter. Breathing in and out while listening to the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves – a simple but effective idea for mindfulness in spring.

Delight in the colours

What a glorious sight – with the start of spring, colour finally makes its way back into our daily life. Everything is green and flourishing. But mindfulness in spring is not just about enjoying the splendour of colour outdoors, it’s also about the colour of our food. Try some particularly vivid dishes, such as our galaxy smoothie bowl, orange and bean salad or sunshine smoothie.

Appreciate fresh ingredients

Think about using plenty of fresh ingredients in your cooking to enhance your experience of mindfulness this spring. Now is the best time for aromatic herbs, crunchy vegetables and delicious fruit. Select your ingredients carefully, get to know the different scents and textures and enjoy them in peace and quiet. How about a colourful couscous salad or a salad dressing with herbs?

Feel the sun

There is probably nothing more that we crave in winter than the first warm rays of sun. A lovely idea for mindfulness in spring: sit outside on your balcony and turn your face to the sun. Close your eyes and notice how you immediately feel happier and more content. But sunshine does more than brighten our mood. Our bodies use sunlight to make vitamin D, which is important for supporting bone health and strengthening the immune system.

Create memories

Have you heard of Frederick the mouse, a character in Leo Lionni’s books? He collected rays of sunshine and colours and stored them up for winter. Follow Frederick’s example, so that you too can delight in the beauty of spring on grey days. Set off on a mindful “spring safari”, taking photos of flowering shrubs, pebbles, cats lying in the sun, green parkland or the first outdoor ice cream. Equally enjoyable: create your own herbarium, an album of dried leaves, flowers and herbs.

Reflect on the most important things in life.

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  1. AWESOME!Really interesting, thought-provoking site. Gave me a real insight to just ‘where & how’ my fruits “appear” and their journey. Thank you all SO much. I will appreciate your hard work.
    Stay safe!