5 healthy snacks for family outings

Spring has sprung, and it’s finally time to get back outside again! It’s a chance for the whole family to get active together in the great outdoors; boredom doesn’t stand a chance. So now we just need to think of something easy and delicious that will satisfy the hunger of young and old when out and about. See our suggestions for 5 healthy snacks, suitable for any family outing. Let’s get started!

Snack tip for a hike

When the whole family sets off on a hike together across fields and meadows, a backpack with sufficient provisions is a must. Handy lunchboxes with a selection of small and delicious treats fit perfectly into a backpack. It means that each family member can fill their own lunchbox with their choice of grapes, berries, wholegrain sandwiches or nuts, and “plunder” it at the first break. By the way, here on the Dole blog you will find plenty of inspiration for colourful lunchboxes, such as these grape kebabs.

A healthy snack for the zoo

A family outing to the zoo can sometimes take longer than expected. After marvelling at the deer, wolves, etc., a more substantial healthy snack may be needed. How about a homemade, cereal-based fruit cake to boost energy levels? One option that will keep everyone full for longer is our crunchy banana cake with rolled oats. Tip: In lots of zoos and wildlife parks, you can rent handcarts that you can use to effortlessly transport your filled picnic basket.

Ready for anything on a bike trip

On your bike! When the first rays of sunshine appear, it’s an opportunity for the whole family to spontaneously set off. Bananas make a healthy snack and do not need a great deal of preparation. The yellow vitamin bomb is already neatly packed in its own skin, is handy to carry and can even be easily eaten while cycling. Thanks to its fibre content it also keeps us full for longer.

Light refreshments in the playground

Climbing, sliding, jumping around – a family outing to the playground can turn into a real adventure. And while the kids play in the sand, the adults have time to catch their breath. Because the priority here is quite clearly action and fun, a healthy snack in the playground should be quick to polish off without making a mess. Homemade energy bars ensure clean hands and happy faces. These tasty power packages help to satisfy rumbling tummies and appeal even to those who aren’t big fruit fans. Our blueberry and chia bar definitely has the potential to become a favourite snack!

Quick heating from inside at the beach

Glorious – a walk on the beach allows you to enjoy a breath of fresh air, collect shells and chase waves. Because it is still quite fresh at the coast at this time of the year, the ideal healthy snack will keep you warm from the inside during a family outing. Porridge made with oats and fruit is the perfect internal central heating. This nutritious and substantial snack will stay warm in special thermos containers and can therefore be enjoyed while on the move.

Don’t forget to include enough drinks, such as water and unsweetened teas, for your family outing.

Have fun with your nearest and dearest!

Your Dole Team




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