5 grape food trends

The grape is a real fruit classic and anything other than boring! The versatility of this little round ‘miracle worker’ is proved by its use as a creative component in several current food trends. Cheese and grapes on cocktail sticks are so yesterday – these days we celebrate the grape in colourful bowls and many other ways! Here are our 5 grape food trends:

Food trend 1: Bowls

Bowls make the hearts of health-conscious foodies beat faster as the colourful bowls offer almost unlimited potential for variety. The hottest mix consists primarily of fruit and vegetables and freshness is a clear priority. And this food trend also looks good. We think that the vitamin-rich grape has to have a place between the avocado and the açai!

 Food trend 2: Smoothies

If a food trend lasts this long, it must be a good one. The hype around homemade smoothies continues unabated. And grapes are ideal for these delicious drinks – simply add the whole fruit to the blender and you’re good to go! They add a pleasant sweetness to any smoothie.

Food trend 3: Veggie kitchen

Meat-free happiness! Plant-based diets, whether vegan or vegetarian, are becoming increasingly popular. The infinite number of fruit- and vegetable-based snacks make it easy to cut out meat. A clear indication that veggies also value the grape as a bite-sized energy boost.

Food trend 4: Nicecream

Nicecream allows you to snack with a clear conscience. This cool food trend is entirely lactose-free and contains no processed sugar. It is also suitable for vegans. The main ingredient is frozen bananas, which are blended together to form a creamy consistency. Other fruity ingredients, such as grapes, are a perfect match. So nice!

Food trend 5: Food sticks

Another food trend with grapes! Yes, it does involve cocktail sticks but grapes and Gouda don’t make an appearance this time. Instead, these sweet little berries are combined to form what we call ‘food sticks’. These are innovatively skewered treats that make good finger food snacks. How about grapes sandwiched between small pancakes, as a topping on mini-burgers or as a fruity addition to a grilled tofu skewer? Skewer and enjoy!

Let this ‘grape’ trend continue!

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