5 easy salad recipes that you need to know

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Looking for some tasty, quick-and-easy ideas for dinner, a healthy family table or a snack in between meals? How about some homemade salad? Salad is always a good idea – it tastes deliciously fresh and is bursting with vitamins. So, if you are a reluctant cook or are simply pressed for time, you definitely need to try our 5 easy salad recipes!

Salad recipe No. 1: Blueberry and Swiss chard salad with salmon

A fish and fruit medley! Fresh ingredients blend together in perfect harmony in our blueberry and Swiss chard salad with salmon. The salmon fillets are high in protein and will help to keep you full for longer. Oranges, blueberries, Swiss chard, figs, radishes and several other tasty ingredients combine to form a crunchy mix and a diverse range of flavours. An easy salad recipe that makes for a perfect lunch. Click here to find out how to make it.

Salad recipe No. 2: Pineapple and cucumber salad with quinoa

A super snack in a jar! Our pineapple and cucumber salad with quinoa is ready in just a few minutes and looks particularly appetising in a mason jar. This easy salad recipe is perfect for introducing little ones to vegetables. Or eat it yourself with a spoon while relaxing on the couch. This fruity delight, with quinoa, cucumber and pineapple, is truly a “superfood”. Click here to find the recipe.

Salad recipe No. 3: Crunchy coleslaw with chicken and grapes

Hearty and nutritious – this crunchy coleslaw with chicken and grapes interprets the classic coleslaw in a completely new way. The creative combination makes a tasty evening meal and is sure to result in happy faces, even among the younger members of the family. This easy salad recipe, with white cabbage, chicken, grapes and peanuts, is served quite simply in a large bowl. Click here for details.

Salad recipe No. 4: Chickpea salad with a twist

Plant-based protein is on trend – and luckily this easy salad recipe has plenty of it. Our delicious chickpea salad is ideal for those who like a veggie, colourful and nutritious lunch. Juicy oranges, savoury rocket, onions and tomatoes add bite and exciting flavours to this substantial dish. Fancy our chickpea salad with a twist? Try it out here.

Salad recipe No. 5: Banana and tomato salad

Bananas with tomatoes? It may sound strange, but it tastes surprisingly good. Our banana, tomato and pineapple salad proves it! In this recipe, the bananas are effectively prepared as a vegetable and can be compared to potatoes. Because they are high in starch, they will keep you feeling full for longer. This easy salad recipe makes a hearty meal with a touch of sweetness. Yummy! Click here to find out how to make it.

Tip: Why not give the perfect salad dressing with fresh herbs a try as well?

Did you ever think that salad could be so delicious and so versatile?

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