Banana almond bread in a jar

Bread from a jar? Yes, you heard right! Our banana almond bread is baked in a jar and is a fruity and satisfying snack between meals and when you are out and about. Tip: It is also perfect as a small gift for friends and family.

5 facts about dragon fruit

Dragon fruit tastes both sweet and sour and has a visually striking appearance. Anyone who has previously seen this exotic little fruit only as a pretty decoration in a fruit salad will be surprised by its many other talents. So make sure that you don’t miss out on our 5 facts about dragon fruit.

Raspberry and matcha smoothie bowl

Sweet raspberries meet aromatic matcha! No, it’s not a dream, it’s our raspberry and matcha smoothie bowl, which will give you something to dream about after getting up in the morning.

Namaste your way to positive mental health

Studies presented at the 125th Annual American Psychological Association Convention share that the practice of yoga appears to lessen the symptoms of depression, suggesting that it should be considered as a complementary therapy

Orange club sandwich

Our feelings of happiness explode at the amazing aroma of fresh oranges. We simply serve them as an orange club sandwich. This delicious snack is quick to prepare and sets you up with fruity energy for the day.

Rainbow chia pudding

Chia pudding tastes pure, especially when teamed with colourful fruits. It’s so colourful that we like to call it ‘Rainbow chia pudding’. The name says it all. This fantastic rainbow variant is sure to fascinate the little ones.

5 facts about figs

The fig has been moving centre stage again in recent times. This is because this sweet fruit not only has a fabulous taste, it is also an excellent alternative to white sugar in many recipes. But what is behind the “fruit of the gods”?

Banana and buckwheat waffles

We love waffles! They are quick to prepare and go really well with fresh fruit. We just couldn’t get enough of these banana and buckwheat waffles. Is that the same for you?

5 simple tips for more self-love

Do you ever feel that you have to be constantly improving yourself in order to finally achieve that “Insta-perfect” life? Our 5 tips for more self-love will help you get back that (self-)loving feeling!

Just try it… ten times!

You don’t always like every food at the first time you try it. Now, think about a child. How many times did you have to offer new foods to them before they liked it? While patience may not always be a virtue, it is one that has been proven over time.

Pineapple and salmon poké bowl

Poké bowls have been part and parcel of the urban restaurant scene for years now. What makes them so successful? The perfect symbiosis! Healthy eating meets a great look and a cool lifestyle that beams some people directly to the beaches of Hawaii.

How healthy is barley grass?

Have you heard of barley grass? We have known about itin this part of the world for a while now, mainly as a green ingredient in drinks, smoothies or muesli. We reveal how healthy barley grass actually is.

Banana and peanut energy balls

Energy balls are the perfect snack to provide you with energy in between times. They also keep you full for a relatively long time. Our variant with banana and peanuts is quick and easy for you to make at home.

Live longer by spicing up your meals

You may recognize jalapeno, cayenne, serrano and Thai as varieties of peppers known to flavor spicy dishes across the globe.  While these little fruits bring the heat to plates worldwide, they also pack big nutrition and health value in managing ulcers and weight loss!

Pineapple and avocado sandwich

The avocado sandwich is a classic: not only is this healthy snack simple to prepare, it also really fills you up. With its delicate nutty flavour, avocado is a splendid base for creating fantastic combinations.

Banana and avocado raw cake

Boring coffee tables are a thing of the past thanks to our refreshing banana and avocado raw cake! This quick baking idea is not only fruity but is also vegan. The highlight: You don’t even need an oven.

The 5 best superfood alternatives

The “superfoods” are said to be particularly healthy and foodies consider them to be real dietary miracles. But did you know that some of the old reliables in your kitchen can be just as good? Take a look at our 5 best superfood alternatives that you should know.

Grape and granola cups

How about having fruity grape and granola cups instead of muesli for a change? These little delicacies are quick to prepare and will be nibbled up just as quickly, right down to the last crumb! You can combine them with fruit of your choice.