Is the core of the pineapple edible?

Before you get to the sweet and juicy flesh of the pineapple, some cutting work is needed. It’s true that hardly anyone would want to eat the hard skin and green leaves of this exquisite fruit. But what about the core of the pineapple? Is it edible? We reveal all!

Does eating pineapple burn fat?

A common myth persists when it comes to the popular pineapple: eating this fruit can automatically help you to lose weight quickly. But is it actually true that pineapples boost fat burning?

Peeling oranges – a guide!

A deliciously juicy orange is the perfect sweet choice for a hot summer’s day. But as we all know, it can sometimes take some skill to get to the flesh of this exotic fruit. Here we show you how to peel an orange without despairing!

Chickpea salad with a twist

Snacking can be colourful! Chickpea salad makes a satisfying meal and provides valuable protein and iron. Juicy oranges, savoury rocket, onions and tomatoes add colour and delicious flavours to the mix.

Have a healthy orange summer

We typically enjoy this juicy fruit when it’s cold outside. But we shouldn’t forget about this exotic beauty at this time of the year either! Oranges make the perfect summer snack and are a healthy alternative to ice cream and other sugary treats.

Lunchbox: Colourful fruit kebabs for kids

Little thinkers need some hearty sustenance. This is where a deliciously fresh, creative lunchbox with fruit, vegetables and whole grain comes in. These colourful fruit kebabs and other tasty treats are bound to get the kids excited during the summer.

Healthy summer tips

How can we enjoy the summer carefree by eating healthy? Which delicious snack ideas can be enjoyed especially well in the warm season? Let yourself be inspired by our tips!