All you need to know about oranges

As we all know, oranges are round, sweet and bursting with vitamins. But this citrus fruit also has much more to offer than nutritional goodness. Today, we tell you what else you should know about oranges.

Frozen fruit: ice lollies for drinks

Normal ice cubes from the freezer? Anyone can have them! Our fruity ice lollies add a very special refreshing touch to your summer drink: frozen pieces of fruit on skewers not only look fancy, they also keep your drinks cool on hot days and ensure an extra boost of vitamins. Here we show you how you can make your own fruity ice lollies for your drinks.

20 Delicious ways to lighten up your summer grilling

Light Trends in grilling are leaning toward light and healthy gourmet recipes that include lots of fresh produce. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or how-to advice, our recipes and tips will take your grilling to a whole new level.

Squeezing oranges: some tips and tricks to get more juice

There’s really nothing better than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. But it’s often not that easy to extract all the juice, and squeezing oranges can quickly become a muscle-building exercise. See our Top 4 tips for getting even more juice out of this delicious fruit.

FroYo Bites: hip summer refreshment

We love FroYo Bites! These tiny sweet treats from the US are THE trend of the summer and a fruity alternative to ice cream and other sweet desserts. These hip snacks, made from frozen fruit coated in yoghurt, are quick to prepare and are the ideal snack when you are on the go or enjoying a sociable get-together.

Summer road trip snacks

Whether you’re headed to the lake, beach, mountains or city, road trip season is officially here. With warm, sunny weather and kids out of school, summer is the perfect time to visit family and friends, see new sites or explore the great outdoors. While you’re packing the car, don’t forget the snacks. With nutritious food choices just an arm’s reach away, you can avoid energy crashes and keep morale high. Fill up the tank, turn on the tunes and get ready to hit the road with these healthy road trip snacks!

Barbecuing fruit: our Top 4 taste particularly good

Summer time is barbecue time! If you feel like something light, refreshing and healthy at the barbecue, fruit could be the answer. Whether you are looking for a fruity side dish, a salad topping or a sweet dessert at the end, our Top 4 fruits all work particularly well on the grill.

Fruity couscous salad

Fruit alert in salad! Couscous is traditionally a popular savoury dish but this fresh and fruity version is our favourite way to enjoy the healthy culinary delight.

Grapeseed oil: what you need to know

Grapeseed oil is a delicious alternative to the more common oil types such as olive oil or sunflower oil, and its mild flavour can jazz up the taste of salads, soups and the like. Read on to learn more about this delicacy and what you need to look out for when buying it.

Healthy summer snack: Fruit salad in cones

Summer is just around the corner, which means garden parties, open-air children’s birthday parties and other fun events. Sweet and fruity snacks are a must for every buffet table. Our recommendation of fruit salad in cones – decorated with raspberry sauce and crunchy nuts – is guaranteed to be a hit!